IBEI-Edizioni is our publishing department, focusing on three main areas. All publications are in Italian.

Lux Biblica

This biannual magazine is designed as a tool to update and stimulate further study for those that have some basic theological training. All issues include a biblical and theological component, and range from apologetics to biblical studies to ministerial and missionary practices.
Every year, one issue is a monography, while the other a collection of articles.


IBEI also publishes monographs ranging from church history, biblical studies, theology, apologetics, missions and church ministry. These books can be purchased in christian libraries or directly through IBEI.

Emmaus-IBEI courses

Emmaus-IBEI courses are a new tool geared towards seekers, or new believers not ready for a more intense training through our academic formation programs.
These correspondence courses are translated in more than 100 languages. In Italy, they have been translated and distributed by "La Voce del Vangelo". Since 2014, IBEI has taken over the publication and distribution of these courses. Currently, there are a few courses available, but more titles are being prepared for publication.
The Emmaus-IBEI correspondence courses can be used at an individual or community level. Furthermore, if one wishes so, it is possible to submit all homework for each course in order to undergo grading and obtain a certificate that attests the satisfactory completion for the course.
For Emmaus correspondence courses in other languages, visit:

For more informations, contat us.

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